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Whether we're working from a list of must-haves or you would like to leverage off our experience, we'll make sure we plan the perfect capture, if possible we will visit ahead of time to design a shoot plan spend time walking with you through the site asking questions.


After choosing a time that best suits you and the location, we will capture your space in as much detail as possible so we can build a virtual 3D walk through to help customers understand your space. 


We will deliver your virtual walk through within in 24/48 hours. And then work with you to help embed it onto your website and make the most of the investment you have just made.     


My Story

I was born in Canberra, and grew up in country Victoria. After fifteen years working in the geospatial  industry for Defence, and other various Government agencies, my wife and I started Photostat3D here in Canberra.

My Experience

I have over fifteen years experience in the geospatial industry, doing everything from geodetic and engineer surveying to mapping & spatial data management. I also spent some time doing 3D laser scanning and 360 degree photography. This is  when I first came across Matterport, their idea put simply is that we do all of the work so you don’t have to; I scan and publish, they host, and you keep doing what you do best.

My Work

With time and planning all location can be captured, my commitment to quality and craft means that I will go above and beyond to generate an awesome virtual walk through for you. Please contact us so we can find you an example of our work the is similar to your own.  

Reached over 37K People

Portfolio: The below works have be generated by us, feel free to go and explore.

Entertainers Delight

Two Bed Wonder

Canberra and Region Visitors Centre

Wetspot Water Sports

Mountain Trail Campers

National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia

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